Why are we doing this???


Plain and simple: to help people lead a confident, happier and healthier life.


Every person has a unique "I need help..." situation. Whether your goals are enhanced athletic performance, weight loss, building strength or just overall health and longevity, our mission is to help you reach those goals.


Cultivating a community that supports each other is of the highest priority at CrossFit Hellkite/Hellkite Strength & Conditioning and you will find that many our classes and services are provided in a group setting. Our CrossFit classes, OCR training, Yoga, Olympic lifting and Self Defense basics are just a few of the offerings/classes that will help to strengthen the community's development.  As stated above, we do realize that each individual's "I need help" situation is distinct, and this should be reflected in a custom program design complete with nutritional recommendation. This is why we also offer individual coaching and training options.


At CFHK/HKS&C, we have highly trained and certified coaches with an unwavering passion and dedication to health and fitness, a thirst for continuing education for themselves and others as well as an enduring drive to help others obtain optimal performance and health.


Experience in a one-on-one setting as well as in groups has equipped our coaches with the ability to assess and determine the best possible route for you to reach your desired results. Assessment of movement mechanics directed at determining ones strengths and weaknesses, as well as proper progression of movement and load enables our coaches to help you obtain these results in a safe and effective manner.


Whether you're an athlete looking to improve your performance, an individual trying to get into obstacle course race or just someone looking to enhance their overall quality of life, we are here and ready to embark on that journey with you.